Frequently Ask Questions

Where are you Located? 

The Kalamazoo Michigan area (USA).

Where were your photos taken? 

Unless otherwise noted, the wildlife photos were taken near my home.

The vacation photos were taken on location.  :-)

Can I use your photos on my web/blog/literature, ...? 

Yes, provided you meet all of these conditions:

  • You are not making any money, directory or indirectly, from my photos.
  • You give me credit for my photos, preferably with a link to
  • You contact Me and let me know you plan on using my photos. 

Other arrangements can be made.  Contact Me to talk about it.

What camera did you use to take your photos?

I've owned a number of digital cameras over the years.
For the specific camera for a photo, look under "Additional Information" on flickr photo's page. 
For even more information, click "More Properties" to view the photo's EXIF data.